Dorothy Allston Rogers - Artist

About Dorothy Allston Rogers

Learn more about Dorothy Allston Rogers from Charleston, SC - United States.

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'My love of Charleston, my ancestral home -especially
being near saltwater- is my creative inspiration.'

Artist Statement: 'To me, art should portray a sense of glory that gives the viewer 'hope' beyond circumstances. One may think this lofty attempt to portray such sensations as 'hope', 'peace' and 'joy' with mere paint is ridiculous. And it really is, I suppose. However, the process of this attempt always rejuvenates my soul!''

Charleston area Galleries include Charleston Artist Guild Gallery on
East Bay; With These Hands Gallery, Edisto Island.

Dorothy Allston Rogers is a sixth-generation Charleston
native whose family has Iived in the South Carolina
Lowcountry for more than 350 years. She grew up the youngest of 10 children
on a historical property, overlooking the Intra-Coastal Waterway just south of
Charleston. These formative years were in an environment
of crabbing, fishing, farming, clam-digging, gathering oysters, casting for
shrimp, and generally being outside. Dorothy still enjoys these activities, and
frequently sets up her easel alongside her fishing rod. She has been married
for 40 years, has three children, and lives in Charleston.
Dorothy's interest in art began at an early age, and she has earned many
awards during her scholastic career. Her art training began at the College of
Charleston, with a focus on drawing, as well as, oil painting. She completed
her college studies in 1984 with a degree in Studio Art from the University
of South Carolina, and was granted a year-long internship as an apprentice
in a successful art studio. This experience revealed the importance of using
high grade materials and museum-quality preservation methods to insure the
artwork will last for generations. Through her 45 years of being in the art
world, Dorothy has participated in many art workshops as a student, as well
as an instructor in numerous drawing, acrylics, and watercolor classes.
Dorothy's artwork carries a sense of peace, calm and reflection that flows
from a heart rooted in the Holy City and steeped in salt-water and pluff-mud.
Locals and visitors alike appreciate the feelings she displays through
wonderful colors, composition and style. No matter which medium she
chooses, Dorothy's paintings capture the love and inspiration she feels for
her ancestral home- the Lowcountry of South Carolina.

Dorothy Allston Rogers joined Licensing on October 4th, 2014.