Donnie Freeman - Artist

About Donnie Freeman

Learn more about Donnie Freeman from Bailey Island, ME - United States.

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I usually see things differently then everyone else and through photography I can share what I see. Born in Maine, I grew up in a traveling type atmosphere. I've been as far as Hawaii to the West, Haiti to the East, Key West to the south and Nova Scotia to the North. Unfortunately most of my earlier work was done on film and has been lost along the way. I now resides on Bailey Island, a small fishing village where he has the unique opportunity to capture images of the lobstermen at work. Working on the water myself I am able to capture beautiful sunrises and sunsets. I plans to someday Travel the world in search for the perfect shot. Until recently all of my work has been available only on Bailey Island. Fine Art America has made my work available all over the world now. Be one of the first to own a 'Donnie Original'.

Donnie Freeman joined Licensing on June 20th, 2013.