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Dick Hudson - Artist

About Dick Hudson

Learn more about Dick Hudson from Kissimmee, FL - United States.

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A retired helicopter pilot and Vietnam Veteran. Live in Kissimmee, Florida.... a beautiful place, with lots of photo opportunity. I photograph what I like, and it could be something different every day.

This has become something of a quest for me. I want to become a Fine Artist. Seems like something that a person would do from their youth. Art School, Apprentice, Studios, etc. I am 72, and don't have time for all that. The digital camera made it easier for me, and for everyone else. It is hard to differentiate from other artists. I can see what they do, and learn how to do it, but the real prize is to develop my own style, and exceed my own standards. Getting better at my own standard is hard enough.

I have learned so much in the few months I have been associated with Fine Arts America. Mostly, I learned that I have a LOT to learn. My quest includes figuring out my style, learning, and learning more.

Some people are very encouraging, and I appreciate that. Everyone is nice, but only my very best friends are critics. I need that. I am not going to be happy with just getting better. I am my harshest critic, and the one person I want to satisfy is me. I am teaching myself most things. I can I go to a class, or read up, but I like trial and error, and actually learn from my mistakes. My 'corrects' are simply an evolution from a previous failure. My whole life has been that way. The journey IS the destination.

If you are new here, think big. If you are an old soldier in the world of art, help the newbies. This is supposed to be fun and satisfying.

My life goal is to do something meaningful every day. Creating art is meaningful, even if it is just for me. Actually, especially if it is just for me.

I hope you enjoy your tour of my art. Some of it is actually kind of good.

Dick Hudson joined Licensing on May 13th, 2014.