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Financial Analyst; Blogger; Writer; Photographer and Poet
'Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth.' ~ Buddha

Photographer ~
Photographic Focus: Landscapes, Cityscapes, Floral, Portrait, Macro and Abstract, Night Photography, Black and White, Sunsets & Sunrises, Animals, Urban, Texas Culture, Antiques (Cars ect.), Jewelry, and Mexican Cuisine.

Photographic Aspiration: Boudoir; Action like Rodeos or Car Races; Own a Studio and Gallery
Cameras: Nikon and Samsung w/various lens and equipment too heavy for any sensible person to carry.
Travels: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Australia, Texas and soon I will be adding Mexico.

More about ~D the Photographer, poet and music blogger:
I am a lover of beautiful images and words via art, photography, music and poetry. Yes, I make a living working with numbers and finding a story in the data and/or market trends / influencers. It is all about the narrative, the anomalies, the outliners, the hidden variables. What is the reality behind the data? People can spin the facts but the data never lies.
This is also what I try do as a blogger, photographer and poet. It's about the people I meet, places I have been, the moments I have experienced captured with words, music, colors and images expressing them in symbols of life and love. Yes, I do love to tell a story!

Since the story line is my background and photography, poetry, music and blogging is my passion, why not combine these elements in a unique artistic style. I would say my style in photography is realism and in poetry I tend to be unstructured. I am dabbling a little in abstract art and lean towards geometric fluidity.

I know you are probably say what the hell is she talking about. Well if it is all about telling a story with my art (photography or poetry) then it is in the details, color, emotion, symbolism and words. Everything is connected, like pieces in a puzzle, so to speak, intricate, detailed and unique.
My favorite characters are love, desire, passion, sensuality and pain. So the vision would be to balance each subject in an artistic expression from a photographic point of view or algorithm where there is mood, color, light and subject matter to the poetic side in words capturing imagery, deception, intrigue and so much more.

Some personal perspectives: I believe in diversity, love, family, individuality, freedom of expression, spiritual awareness, democracy (equal rights), working hard, education, limited government, affordable health care for everyone, no free rides, gun ownership and the responsibility of being a honest and good neighbor/friend (as an individual within a community and the world at large). I do not care for politicians and/or party affiliations, they are all liars, thieves and the less we have the better off this country will be!

Footnote: When I was a young girl, less then eleven, I wanted desperately to be a singer, play the guitar or piano or anything that would literally connect me to music. It was and still is my heart and soul. As a matter of fact, I look to music as a language, a fulfillment of expression, emotion and communication. A mechanism that helps me say what is impossible to write or articulate. Everything in my life starts and end with a melody and its impending beat. My journey would be a complete hell if I could no longer hear. This is the point, when you are drifting through my etchings and see music videos everywhere, please take a minute to watch and listen to the selection because the complete story is at the end of the song. It is my message and thank you for taking the time in getting to know me.

Bragging rights
I am a full blown romantic that sees life through rose colored glasses; ageless, positive, a good friend, gifted, sensitive, hardworking, loyal and sexy as hell.~ D

Diana Mary Sharpton joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 18th, 2014.