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Learn more about Diana Rajala from London, ON - Canada.

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I have always been a lifelong learner—first as an secondary school educator and principal in my professional career and now as an aspiring artist in my retired life. Retirement has provided me with the time and opportunity to truly delve into learning new things!
I have always been interested in all forms of art and have experimented with a variety of mediums. My foray into photography has led to numerous creative opportunities. I seek beauty in the seemingly mundane as I view the world around me—be it through faraway travel or through an examination of the environment that surrounds me. Though I enjoy taking photos, I have become increasingly more interested in photo artistry and the stories one can tell as a photo is manipulated through the creative process. In addition to my small compact camera, my most important tool is my IPad Pro and Pencil. The creative possibilities are limitless as I edit, paint and digitally create art! I am also beginning to utilize my iPhone more as I continue learn more about its photographic capabilities.
Thank you so much for perusing my photo art!

Please note that the Fine Art America watermark will not appear on the art if you choose to purchase anything.

Diana Rajala joined Pixels.com Licensing on February 14th, 2016.