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Learn more about Dennis Bucklin from Dallas, OR - United States.

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My fascination with the art of photography has been long standing. From the days of film to today's DSLR, I love all aspects of photography. I started taking photos with a focus on landscapes in New England and have since expanded to the same focus in the Pacific Northwest. I am also an avid astrophotographer with a DSLR. Have done some photography for journalistic stories and magazines such as the AKC magazine and an couple of astrophotography publications, i.e., Astronomy Magazine, etc.

I like photographs that tell a story, whether it be about an individual, a place, a historical event, or history in the making, I also believe that photography is a way to express yourself and give others a look at the world through the photographer's eyes.

Dennis Bucklin joined Licensing on November 13th, 2013.