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Learn more about Deb Arndt from Mckinney, TX - United States.

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Hi! My name is Deb Arndt and I live in McKinney Texas. I have been an artist all of my life.......literally.......ALL of my life. Ever since I could pick up a crayon to scribble, I never stopped drawing and developing my artistic skills. I am a self-born artist with innate talent that has been developing over the course of my lifetime. Just ask me to draw or paint anything and I will create something original and unique. My favorite mediums are watercolor, chalk pastels, and acrylic. I also love to draw and color with 'Prismacolor' pencils. I grew up in Ohio, and loved to drive in the country taking photos of old barns and then painting them with watercolors. When I moved to Florida the ocean became one of my favorite subjects along with sand, palm trees and shells. I have had several experiences in life that brought me through difficult times. This too affected my subject matter and angels became my favorite along with other spiritual pictures. More recently, I acquired 2 dogs that I adore! So, most recently dogs have become a new subject matter. I find that I love to paint dogs in multiple colors to bring out their personality. My passion is art, so I hope you enjoy seeing my creations online and bringing them into your home!

Deb Arndt joined Licensing on January 18th, 2015.