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One rainy day we were struck with the idea of creating a newspaper, so that all characters and artworks rendered, would have a place and a purpose. The cartoons, illustrations and graphics generated, are specifically for the pages of the Eclipse, a copyrighted (really) cartoon tabloid run by a fictitious staff, managed by a bogus syndicate, but self-published through Muleicorn Press, a real publisher.

When no one was interested in participating in our newspaper project, a staff was created. As time wore on, it became evident there was no response to syndicating our publication, and that was when Facticious Press Ink (F.P.I.�) was born. Rejection notices indicated that there wasn�t an interested publisher, so we became Muleicorn Press, and self-published.

Those of us on staff at the paper have specific jobs, and mine is to render the fotos (illustrations, advertisements and graphics), so I spend a great deal of time developing the images that illustrate stories written by our columnists, correspondents, commentators, analysts and the like.

Some of our staff are members of a puppet troupe to further illustrate, animate and entertain as the Company of the Muleicorn, a Puppet Theatre. The puppet troupe performs some of the dialog from their excerpts published on Fine Art America and have a facebook page, with plans to develop a website. (Save the Unicorn.com was once the home of the Eclipse newspaper and staff, but our server of 14+ years neglected to do their paperwork and without notice, our site was suddenly offered for sale at a handsome sum.)

Dawn Sperry joined Pixels.com Licensing on October 27th, 2014.