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My intention is to combine affordable meaningful artwork with beauty through photographic images that are both long-lasting and will have a value that increases over time. I AM a lifelong Photographer with a love of urban landscapes and with a beautiful view of the world. 'I creatively add complementing layered elements that are recognizable to the imagination and draws you into the scene as we all view things differently' Also It's interesting to see how creativity can become unique, real and exciting through motion, so please check out my different galleries. Some of my work is derived from layered parts of images then enhanced which makes it both original and interesting to see fine art photography as something special.

In a 2006 meta-analysis published in Health Promotion International, researchers found that the benefits of looking at a beautiful photograph are many... It not only helps to reduce depression but looking at beautiful photographs will bolster your immune system and restore your focus, a beautiful fine art photograph helps you heal faster and gives your brain a break while improving your mood and makes it easier for you to relax, beautiful fine art helps to stave off the effects of dementia and experience more happiness, boost your social wellbeing and increase your lifespan!

Thanks to the U.S. Navy and GI Bill, I studied photography, owned a portrait and wedding studio, worked in Hollywood as a visual effects cameraman, segueing into an architectural photographer using Hollywood style lighting effects. When business slowed and things got tough I chauffeured limo's and worked as an Extra in Movies and on TV, and yes loved it all.

Architectural Digest, Westin Hotels, Beverly Hills Hotel, Raleigh Studios, Travel, and Leisure Magazines, Santa Barbara Biltmore, American Express, Polo Ralph Lauren, California Magazines, Vogue Magazine, Ritz Carlton ....

Comments received are: * Wow, what a photograph! Love the colors, love everything! A.S. * Outstanding in so many ways! beautiful lighting, awesome! P.T. * Magical, fascinating, energizing, love this! J.B. * Fantastic, Wonderful, Excellent Capture! - S.C. * Super capture!! I love everything about it. L.B.
* So much color, excitement - MW * Wow! Love the colors, love everything! OMG, David

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eMail: david@zanzinger.com

Urban Fine Art Store: https://david-zanzinger.pixels.com
Website: https//zanzinger.com

Social Media:
Instagram: @davidzanzinger
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/davidzanzinger
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.zanzinger/

+ Such a feeling of excitement and action! SC
+ Love the bright colors - very festive! TD
* Beautiful. Brings back memories! SD
* Well done! Such a feeling of hustle and bustle! KC
+ Amazing vividness and I love the sliver of the moon...
+ Wonderful image once again, David! MW

David gives thanks and gratitude by donating to various charities year-round and believes in the highest good for all.

David Zanzinger joined Pixels.com Licensing on July 14th, 2009.