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Learn more about David Dunham from Lenexa, KS - United States.

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We live in a busy world in which it is entirely too easy to miss simple pleasures as we scurry to and fro trying to accomplish too much in too little time. My goal with my photography is to bring to your world, those interesting images from my world that normally one might have missed.

I do not claim to be the worlds greatest photographer and indeed at this point, I am not always sure how I accomplished some of the images I have displayed. However, I do have an eye for the unusual and the interesting. I believe that 99% of the world could be accomplished photographers but being able to push a shutter simply is not enough. I feel like composition and presentation are my strong points. I like to take photos of light, water, reflections and manipulate those images into fine art, challenging the viewer to see what I saw....and more.

I present these few images from my collection for your enjoyment. I hope they bring pleasure to your world as they have to mine.

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Dunhamshire Creations

David Dunham joined Pixels.com Licensing on March 15th, 2009.