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Learn more about Danica Radman from Paris, ille de france - France.

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hopefully you will learn about me trough my photos.

meanwhile - ballet Russian classic.

music - violin, piano, singing, teacher, performer,
music/art theory, ethnomusicology - why count.

work (like other passions are not work):
Harvard Widener Library - Milman
Parry collection - Albert Lord Collection, 15 000 Serbo-Croation folk songs or:
was Homer one person or his Masterpieces were collective memory,
oral tradition work - long story, delicate exiting work.

back to FRANCE
Deben Bhattacharya's worl music collection - 8 years of
research - analysing traditional instrumental and/or vocal music
- for UNESCO and for radio transmissions.

WDR 5 Köln Worlds Music transmissions
Radio France for WDR5
Mezzo - music advisor
TV5 - music advisor.

30 years of teaching piano & solfeggio...

photographer - all the way
now canon 7d, photos, mix media, collages,
from 2009 digital paint
5 solo exhibitions...

coffe: black

Danica Radman joined Pixels.com Licensing on November 30th, 2009.