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Learn more about Dani McEvoy from Wolcott, CT - United States.

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I was always an artist, I just didn't know it.
Without any formal training, I've won awards in costume design and makeovers. Unfortunately, painting a rock as a child, and winning the park department art contest, for my rock depiction of a school bus didn't sink 'artist' into my psyche. Neither did an awesome album cover drawing, winning door decorations, having sketched cherished family portraits or creating hand painted Christmas cards, or an Archdiocese approval and church sharing of a drawing, convince me.
I suppose if I think about it, there were many instances in which I created something, whether sewing by hand, denim purses and matching earrings or applying make-up, drawing fake tattooes and choosing clothing that led to a few costume awards. (I am very proud of my rendition of Dennis Rodman. No-one knew the person was short, white, female, or me.)
I always had an appreciation for artists and have spent countless hours admiring their works in museums and elsewhere, but I wasn't one of them. They were good, they knew what they were doing. I didn't have a clue, or at least I thought that.
One of the first water color paintings I did, hangs in a professional's office. A retired artist with a deep, growly type voice, after seeing it, said, 'That's damn good.' I thought maybe he was senile or just being kind. Now, two decades later, I question my opinion of him and wish I had at least a copy of that painting to re-access it myself.
I still don't know one type of brush from another and frankly, I don't have the patience to learn or the personality to follow structured rules just to suite another's preferences. I enjoy the challenges that come with figuring things out along the way, when I am ready to learn them or the need arises. It must be my independent nature.
Photography amazes me. It is probably the medium I know least about, however, as of late, it is my passion.
The interest was there since childhood but it wasn't until recently that I acquired, as a gift, a real camera. I have disabilities that restrict physical activities and my vision is very poor. Having my neck kinked downward and trying to paint while holding a magnifying glass, isn't exactly fun. Now, with my Nikon and contact lenses, I can see a beautiful site from a distance, drop my reading glasses to my nose, and point and shoot.
I hope you enjoy what I have uploaded here. I know some are silly and of poor quality. Other's are quite good but overly color enhanced. That's okay to me; I see them better. Besides, I'm not 'really' an artist. ;-)

Dani McEvoy joined Licensing on February 12th, 2014.