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Learn more about Cynthia Leaphart from Lexington, SC - United States.

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My husband is an asphalt plant worker and in our early years, he had a kitty that was called 'Plant Kitty' attach to him. They had a special bond. She even laid on his desk as he worked. One day, 'Plant Kitty' was killed by a dog protecting her seven kittens. Seven workers at his plant adopted the kittens, him being one. The day he brought our little blue-eyed tuxedo kitty, Sylvester, home totally changed my life forever. I have since and always will love my furry friends. We have long lost Sylvester and many others to age and other things. But one thing never changes and that is my love for them.

Cynthia Leaphart joined Licensing on February 5th, 2017.