Craig Shillam - Artist

About Craig Shillam

Learn more about Craig Shillam from Spokane Valley, WA - United States.

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Craig Shillam was born and raised in Spokane, Washington, USA. He studied commercial and fine art for three years at Spokane Falls Community College, and in various classes and workshops thereafter.

The subjects for his paintings can come from anywhere, but primarily from the Pacific Northwest and the Island of Borneo, where he has visited several times. He chooses to paint in a representational style. Through the years he has found that his tastes and interests have been somewhat eclectic, and painting representationally allows him to express his ideas in the best possible manner.

Currently painting mostly in oils after using colored pencils for many years, a majoriy of his paintings have at least one figure in them. Portraying real people relating to their environment and/or circumstances, making the viewer think about what the person or people in the painting might be thinking or feeling, without telling them directly. The viewer may find irony, idealism, wit, conflict, or solitude when viewing his work. Or maybe not.

Shillam usually paints in the studio using reference sketches and photos gathered from his travels and day to day life. Shillam tends to draw and paint everyday scenes that are slowly disappearing from our way of life. From a small orchard in Eastern Washington to an outdoor market in the mountains of Borneo, He paints these because he finds them interesting and noble. as our lives become busier and more comples, Shillam attempts to slow it down and celebrate the everyday, because everyday can be worth celebrating.

Craig Shillam joined Licensing on May 15th, 2011.