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Learn more about Chris Daugherty from Mt Pleasant, Tx - United States.

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Creativity has always been the deep breath for my soul, no matter the medium. Whether its sitting down and writing lyrics and marrying them with a melody,
writing a short story or finding the beauty and story in something I see and capturing it in an image, it's all a release, a way to give life to a thought,feeling,experience or emotion.
The Camera over the past five years has become my best friend (Sorry Guitar)- There's such a satisfaction in peering through a viewfinder and connecting and capturing an image giving the subject it's own immortality.
It's so easy to pass by things and people and never REALLY stop examine and take in all the inspiration that can many and most times be soul enriching and life changing. An old building,rustic and abandoned- a beautiful face radiant and smooth- a face wrinkled and weathered , everything and everyone has a story and to me thats the beauty in creative expression- the search ,finding ,capture and expression of each individual emotion.
I am constantly inspired and appreciative of the artistic expression of others and humbly share my work.
It's not the fact that we were born that makes any difference~~~ it's the fact that we've lived-shared-listened and inspired someone else that matters.

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Chris Daugherty joined Licensing on August 11th, 2013.