Charlotte Nunn - Artist

About Charlotte Nunn

Learn more about Charlotte Nunn from North Vanouver, BC - Canada.

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'A marriage of Klee, Kandinsky and Miro, with the birth of a Nunn. If Charlotte were born in the 1800's, she would have painted with one of the great three. If in the 1900's, a member of the 'Bauhaus Painters'. But we thank God she was born for we present painters.'

Mario Villareal, Artist, Australia

'Just went through your body of work and I must say that I am overwhelmed by the consistency of your vision, fertile imagination and the truly astounding things you can do with your handling of acrylic paint. I generally don't care much for this fantasy/abstract genre, but, Charlotte, you are in a class all by yourself and have won me over. In my opinion, your incredible visual imagination and use of colour combined with a dazzling and intricate painting technique - to say nothing of your willingness to take risks - puts you at the forefront of contemporary American painting.'

Jim Flanagan, Artist, USA

Charlotte lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Charlotte Nunn joined Licensing on November 27th, 2011.