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Learn more about Charlie Photographer from Prague, Prague - Czech Republic.

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Charlie is a czech Professional Photographer living in Prague. Has never studied Photography, all you can see is by his words what he learnt himself.

Learning from mistakes and trying to improve your point of view is the key. As he says you have to have 'an eye for it' .. no schools or workshops do the job better, than to be learning yourself and just 'feel' it.

The sense of 'pressing it' in a right time makes you to be 'original'

He has a lot of 'treasure pictures' and never wanted to sell those to a public, but now he wants to share his work and feelings with you.

For him personally, Photograph has always been something what should tell the story, without explaining it or describing, why, when or where was it taken. The Viewer should look at the picture and the story can begin. It is hard to capture it – it takes a lot of time and effort, you need to be also at right place at right time and have a „good light“ – but when you manage to capture it and the audience like it – it makes you feel great inside.

Simply be one of his satisfied customers, the best felling for him is the feeling that you like his pictures so much, you want them on your wall!

Charlie Photographer joined Licensing on January 4th, 2014.