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Learn more about CG Abrams from Rosemary Beach, FL - United States.

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When it comes to tell about me, I can only describe myself as adventurous on many levels. Creative design is my passion. What started out as art therapy turned into an amazing journey. Every piece, every item that is handcrafted or created with and by imagination bringing it to life, is a rare gem; priceless treasure.

Recently I teamed up with One Sailor Boutique and other great artists showcasing new and one-of-a-kind exciting collections of handcrafted Jewelry, Resin art and more. As much as I would love to add labels of my credentials, I truly feel it may take away from the depth, the beauty, or the glory the precious creations. It is quite wonderful to hear of others shared ambitions and academic enlightenment or even grandeur. As far as me, yes I have all those things. At what point does it all sound common? It seems like everyone is an artist when you become and artist, same with being an author. Standing out doesn't have to be with elaborate words or even kooky behavior. I may be odd or eccentric to believe that my work is a unique flavor and speaks for itself and needs no introduction. I am just a fish swimming in an ocean vast, deep and wide. Every fish has a purpose and every fisherman is more than just fisherman. He may just be a fisher of men. Very thankful to be here doing what I love.

Thank you everyone for being a wonderful supporter of not just our work, but other amazing artists alike.

CG Abrams joined Licensing on January 24th, 2014.