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About Bukunolami Ola

Learn more about Bukunolami Ola from ECE, Abuja - Nigeria.

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-Digital Artist-

All art pieces were created either with an Image Manipulation or 3D Creation Suite Software. Glass fascinates me; I keep learning how to draw, paint and work with glass; I yearn to completely understand the way it interacts with light and objects around it.

As I learn, I draw, paint and model, documenting newly acquired knowledge in my art. My portfolio tells the story of my journey into the fascinating world of Visual Creativity.

Enjoy each art piece. Drop me a comment. You could also get prints of my artwork for your home and workspace.

My gallery and shop are always open to you.

Glad to entertain and serve you.

If you have any questions or requests, please use bonfaa@aol.com to send me a mail.

- Bukunolami -

......................PS - I truly appreciate your visits, comments and purchase.

Bukunolami Ola joined Pixels.com Licensing on March 29th, 2017.