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Welcome to my world of art and photography!   Click on the 'Collections' tab to see specific categories.   Please also enjoy my 'Images', 'Blog', 'Favorites' & more.   Click on any image to see larger versions, description & print options!Always drawn to the creative side of life, I'm a visual artist, photographer, musician-singer-songwriter, poet, designer...gardener, sister, wife, mother, grandmother survivor!   Primarily acrylic on canvas & pastel, my artwork ranges from figurative-representational pieces to flowing organic creations to things 'purely'...more
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TREES and Scenery

All types of TREES for your viewing pleasure, including a selection of madrone or madrona [a.k.a. the arbutus or 'strawberry' tree], which is an amazing hardwood that can survive extreme weather conditions & environments, clinging to [sea] cliff walls, and if downed by winds or storms, will re-grow if the root ball remains in tact! A sun-lover, the madrone competes with other trees by twisting & turning into incredible shapes to bask in the light of the sun. Considered sacred, Native Americans used the tree's dark red berries for jewelry and its fragrant flowers, leaves & bark for medicinal purposes. The bark was also used for dyeing & making tools. Today, the wood is used in building & flooring. Its burls were once widely used in luxury car [Rolls Royce!] interiors. In summer, the madrona sheds its bark to reveal a smooth, silky pale-yellow wood, which turns red & darkens during the year. Intricate, striking patterns & designs form as the peeling bark plays against the lighter trunk. I'm fortunate to have a small grove of these amazing hardwoods on my property! Would look fabulous as a grouping. Please, also, enjoy the many other beautiful trees seen in my gallery, as well!

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