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Learn more about Brian Stricker from Arlington, MA - United States.

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From an early age, I loved being behind a camera - capturing moments as I saw them and sharing my unique perspective. That passion has carried through to this day, and shows through every piece I present here.

I am always looking to capture raw moments. I photograph by feel, framing and composing each shot as it presents itself. I like the instinctual approach, which allows every picture I take to be uniquely me.

For a long time I have focused on macro shots - enjoying revealing the little details in nature that most of us never see. But I am expanding to landscapes, experimenting with capturing the mood of a scene.

I love to travel, and am rarely seen without my camera. Most of my work is captured in New England, where I live, but I have an ever-expanding catalogue of the American West - primarily Northern Colorado, but also California and Montana.

My photography is currently featured in an interactive exhibit at the Portland Museum of Art. I am proud to be a RAW artist, where I showcased at the event Cusp in Boston.

Thanks for visiting and allowing me to share my passion!

All images are copyright Brian Stricker Photography. All rights reserved.

Brian Stricker joined Licensing on April 27th, 2017.