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Learn more about Betty LaRue from Wichita, KS - United States.

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I have been involved in creative works for years. Watercolors, oils, jewelry creation, and writing. A few years ago, after undergoing treatment for breast cancer, I abandoned my partly written novel and bought my first serious camera, a Nikon, believing life is too short not to do something that gives me pleasure. Although writing was stimulating and fun, I longed to do something that got me out of the house and into nature. Within months, I abandoned film and went to a Nikon digital camera. Recently, I went to a new system with Fuji. I now shoot an X-T1 and am eagerly awaiting the rumored X-T2

My love for the creative process, nature and the animals that live in nature influences my work, although I have branched out in many areas of photography besides nature/animals.
Living in Oklahoma City with my husband Bob in an urban environment doesn't stop me from being in touch with nature. I planted a tree in our back yard that has beautiful pink blooms in the spring and small, red crabapples later in the year. This tree makes a great staging area for bird images. When I tire of that, I jump in my SUV and investigate some nearby lakes. Vacations are a means for more images. I look at everything with a photographer's eye, and notice the tiniest details.

I am a contributing member of Alamy, an online stock agency.

I never tire of learning something new, including new photoshop skills!

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: © 2016, Betty LaRue. Betty LaRue's photographs or other works of art do not belong to the public domain. All of my art pieces have been copyrighted with all rights reserved. All photographs and other works of art are the property of Betty LaRue. No photograph or work of art may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of Betty LaRue. The purchase of any of my prints does not transfer reproduction rights.
If you wish to reproduce my work in any form, please contact me.

Betty LaRue joined Licensing on November 7th, 2010.