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About Beatriz Portela

Learn more about Beatriz Portela from Miami, FL - United States.

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Beatriz paints, draws and takes pictures. She's very inspired by nature: its colors, textures, sounds, smells, power and mysteries... from the inside of a small flower to wider landscapes. How you FEEL surrounded by trees, water, the sky... What does a bird THINK? She's especially interested in the fluidity and impermanence of the natural world, including humans-- how everything can change in an instant. She likes showing movement, particularly in her abstract works. Depending on the subject matter and look/feel she wants to achieve, she may use oil paints, acrylics or pastel sticks. She lives in South Florida, a sunny, hot and humid place; and likes to paint what's around her, generally in bright colors. She's also an explorer and enjoys depicting other locations and things she encounters on her adventures.

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Beatriz Portela joined Licensing on July 24th, 2017.