Natalia Bardi - Artist

About Natalia Bardi

Learn more about Natalia Bardi from Aiud - Romania.

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Natalia Bardi lives in a town called Aiud, Transilvania, Romania.
She has always had a special passion for art and have perfected her knowledge in it studying drawing and painting at a local Arts School, for three years.
Natalia Bardi is an impressionist painter who loves beauty and transmutes her soul into her creations, leading the onlooker not only on a road of natural beauties but also on the one of the human soul. Her paintings are made in oil, water-colour and pastel; they bear a poetic atmosphere enchanting us with a play of magic colours and lights, her primordial artistic aim being to reveal and perpetuate the intimate beauties of nature.
Natalia Bardi has had several personal- and group exhibitions and her works can be found in many personal collections in different countries of Europe, Asia and the United States.

Natalia Bardi joined Licensing on September 15th, 2011.