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About Barbara Donovan

Learn more about Barbara Donovan from Huntsville, Alabama - United States.

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Introducing Barbara Lee Donovan an American working professional artist with her creations presently on Fine Art America and pixels online. She is a member of the Huntsville Art League and has commissioned many works locally and long distance in private collections. Barbara has donated pieces to the American Cancer Society for auction as well as having many original works for sale in local stores around Alabama. As a licensed local business entrepreneur, she presently works from her home/ studio. Barbara enjoys working with all types of media and uses them on various surfaces to create unique works that customers and clients desire. Her artworks come in a variety of styles depending on the trend or mood that she or the ever changing artworld and public demands. Barbara is constantly challenging herself when it comes to style, composition or object when creating a piece and is a chameleon of sorts with her unique works.

'I believe that Art without passion isn't true from within, sure I've had pieces that I ruined and had to start over or completely go in another direction, but I never let that discourage me from bringing the project to full fruition. Sometimes like life an artwork piece is a journey bringing frustration, anxiety, deadlines to meet. It's all exciting to anticipate the final product. In the end I alone determine whether it was worth the effort or not but the passion behind the drive to create is what as an artist I can say, is its own state of euphoria.' - Barbara Lee

Originally from Alexandria Virginia Barbara has been an artist since grade school. At a young age she would do drawings for her classmates and even had her work published in various school newspapers and yearbooks. Barbara is self-trained with a lifetime of practice. Her earliest influences were visiting the Smithsonian's, The Hirshorn museum of modern art and The National Archives in Washington D.C. many times over while growing up. However just recently creating artwork became a full-time career when she and her husband moved to Huntsville, Alabama. Barbara has travelled to and lived at all points of the United States. Her adventures have given her exciting and great experiences that sometimes attribute to inspirations for her art. She has been chased by a cow moose on a ranch in Alaska near Matanuska Valley two times, nearly shot hunting quail in Georgia, she has played hide and seek at the roots of ancient Koa trees in Hawaii, and survived a chili cook off mosh pit concert at the Mall in Washington, D.C. Barbara has also been given the privilege to have worked or been influenced by artists of IMAX cinematography, a Guinness Book World record holder, authors, musicians, media specialists, and many other artists too many to name in the span of 30 plus years.

'To me if being out in the world puts me in places for a reason to witness great and small things of beauty than that alone is inspiration enough. Every day is a gift and applying that gift to a canvas is gratitude for the opportunity.' - Barbara Lee Donovan

Having a quick and sometimes sarcastic wit, Barbara is guilty of loving her family and blessed life. Other interests she has range widely from photography, making gourmet meals, growing large indoor plants, talking to Jesus, re-interior designing the house to drive her husband crazy, biking, hiking, beach walks at sunset, releasing baby turtles, and challenging her grandson in playing video games.

If given the chance she says she would like to have a HGTV mansion giveaway somewhere exotic with someone to clean it and the ugliest French bulldog in existence. She says she will name the dog Mr. Guapo, which translates from Spanish to Mr. Handsome. Barbara says laughing, she will most certainly have the French bull dog at least someday.

Barbara Donovan joined Licensing on September 22nd, 2016.