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About Barb Pearson

Learn more about Barb Pearson from Langley, BC - Canada.

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Art is not about the physical act of painting but about bringing creativity and insight to an image, about bringing humanity to a canvas. When you look at my images it is my hope that you feel some of the emotions that i am experiencing and sharing by painting the world around me.
It is my personality to explore, push myself and grow so I am constantly trying new techniques. Some of them work out better than others but all of them teach me something and give me the courage to get up the next day. My art has given me the ability to deal with the issues in my life, know when to move ahead, and learn when to let go. Art constantly reminds me that I am human but creates joy, beauty and balance in my life. Art gives me a voice for which I am grateful!

I have some successes to report! In addition to the sale of my work and the shows that I have participated in I have had one of my pieces installed in the Hilton Hotel in Vancouver B.C. as well as had another piece published as a two page spread in a magazine. I have shown my work in some beautiful galleries. It has been so exciting!

If you have the time, please leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by. That is what sustains us artists!

Barb Pearson joined Licensing on March 6th, 2009.