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Learn more about Baptiste Posters from Abbotsford, BC - Canada.

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MOVED to: 'DeviantArt' !!!
Tired LOSING MY TIME here on FINE ART AMERICA, Not Possible to Upload Correctly, TAKE HUGE TIME TO UPLOAD (upload speed of my Internet is high= 65mbps).Baptiste Jean Baptiste (Vancouver)

MORE about me on Facebook =

***WARNING !!! The colors of my posters are very Soft, Delicate, bright and vivid colors, and the Hyperrealism Posters are really realistic as photo, BUT on FAA, the colors are so Awful, that reflect only 30% of the true colors of my Artworks.
Do Not Copy !!! Anyway, INVISIBLE WATERMARK on all Images.

Welcome to my Gallery-Showroom!
Hi, my artistic name is Baptiste. All my Posters are not created equals! Impressionism, Old masters, Psychedelic, Hyperrealism, Conceptual & Structuralism styles are my basic inspiration for my Posters.

Actually, I'm posting only some samples of one of my topics: Botanical, sub-topic Flowers; 'Orchid', approximate 300 orchid drawings.
I have hundred Topics with hundreds of Subtopics with a thousand subjects/artworks of antique and vintage hand colored drawings (I renovated and boosted all the colors.) with hundreds of different Hyper-realist art decorations like 'Metal Rust', 'Weathered Wood', 'Stone Marble, Onyx & Granite', 'Classic Decoration' and 'Collages.'

I can create very classic and romantic or creepy styles, every day comes new inspiration. I have a traditional art background, studies and living in Rome, Paris, Switzerland, USA, Montreal and more, with masters. All my life there are people who bring me lots of knowledge until today and tomorrow included.

NOTE: What you see on your screen is not what you will receive as poster print!
Printed colors may vary from your computer monitor's display. Please be sure your monitor is properly calibrated. Google 'How to calibrate my monitor'.

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