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Learn more about Ashlynn Decker from Enid, OK - United States.

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Ashlynn's my name, im eighteen and still learning.
My hobbies are taking photo's and making art.
I've always been creative every since i was little.
It can be a good way to get away from stress too.
My future is unplanned. I would like to go to some
school, just don't have any in mind yet. Art isn't
the only thing i'm interested in. I also enjoy science,
and sewing, i like making little purse bag out of fabric.
I unload pictures when i can, which isn't everyday.
Sorry about that. I hope you people like my photo's.
One day i hope i get to open a photography store,
and be professional. That's a dream of mine.

Ashlynn Decker joined Licensing on June 27th, 2010.