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Learn more about Ashley Koebrick Schmidt from Charles City, IA - United States.

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I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember, but my professional training’s been limited to a few local community college classes. My artwork reflects how I interpret the world around me. After years of exploring different styles, techniques, and mediums I found that I'm drawn to realism, surrealism, and oil paints. I have trained my eye to notice the subtle details and color variation in a scene, and as an artist I emphasize these nuances on canvas in intense, vivid colors and applied texture. Before painting a portrait, I get a thorough sense of the subject in order to capture their personality and inner light in the artwork. My goal is to create depth, perspective, and personality in each painting, and then let viewers interpret the works based on their own personal experiences.

I live in rural Iowa with my husband and daughter.

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Ashley Koebrick Schmidt joined Licensing on June 11th, 2018.