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Learn more about Ariana Heartsong from St Peter Port, Channel Islands - United Kingdom.

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Ariana Heartsong, Visionary Artist - One of my greatest Joys is spending a day creating beauty expressed through my heart. Acrylic, Pastel, Oil, Pencil, Photography, Song, Writing are the many ways..... My mind stills, my heart opens, my joy and bliss peep from a courageous heart and I begin. As my heart opens further, I Am encouraged to expand more and more. Most of my work is large, due I feel to living in Australia for a large part of my life, and because I find small canvases so restrictive. My painting/Drawing hand always flows off the page/canvas as if the colour must be expanded into life. My artwork has travelled widely, rather like me, into the hearts and homes/businesses of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Monaco, and the United Kingdom where I currently live, within Wells, a beautiful Cathedral city just 5 miles from mystical Glastonbury/Avalon.
My art is currently metaphysical/spiritual in its nature and calling and my intent is that it inspires the onlooker. To see the beauty within, the possibility of all things, the joy, the grace and the love that is expressed, through colour, energy, light and intent.
I Am a self taught artist, creating mainly in Pencil as a child, finding wonder in nature, animals, birds, trees and flowers. And progressed into Ink, as feathers and fur intrigued me. I loved how they felt and flowed around the body of an animal or bird. How the feathers so light, were structured and uplifted the bird to soar the thermals, free. A very strong necessary expression of who I am. So many of my pieces captured owls/eagles in flight. Their wings outstretched. As I became more skilled with Pencil, and Ink, I began to explore colour in its most gentle of forms. Watercolour, and washes. So expressive, but I had to learn again, how important it is to allow the colour to express, support and create. Illustrative work then followed for the West Australian Museum and Aboriginal Sites Department. Until my intuitive nature led me to meditation, and what gifts this brought me. My Visionary art was born, with a desire to work with instant colour, vibrant, energetic, malleable. Pastels became my favourite medium. Then Acrylic, and Oil.

Ariana Heartsong joined Licensing on February 15th, 2016.