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Learn more about Aparna Pottabathni from Frisco, TX - United States.

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My life experiences drive my art. The people, places and things that move or excite me become my canvas. I then seek to capture those original contemplative and emotional responses in the play of colors.

With a formal training in architecture, I am regularly contracted to craft elegant outdoor living spaces for homeowners and this comes from thriving on a palette of colors and an eye for architectural details. You will see my work distinguish these fascinations. And all throughout, you'll find nature intruding thru a play of light & shade.

I paint in watercolor, acrylics and digital media. Watercolor fascinates me due to it's versatile and fluid nature. I use the wet on wet, dry brush and pouring technique - arraying rich pigments of blues, along with splashes of contrasting reds. In the midst of the colors’ translucency, I find a fascinating rhythm as the colors crossover/blend with each other.

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