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Learn more about Alida M Haslett from Bryn Mawr, Pa - United States.

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As a child, my imagination was always stirred by nature's calls. I found respite and solace in the woods, observing the different mosses, ferns, flowers, wildlife, underground brooks and in the winter, the fluid intricate frozen water patterns.
With my family, I spent weekends camping, fishing and hiking and was taught to appreciate and tend God's beautiful Creation.
From the time I picked up a pencil, brush or camera, the inner core of nature has been my inspiration. The soul of creation is what I try to touch.
My major at Converse College, South Carolina was Fine Art, which I broadened to include many courses in Religion, Humanities and Philosophy.
During my four years there, I studied at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, and art history in London, Amsterdam and Paris. Education opened doors to rules and theories. My response was to walk through those doors and step out of those boundaries where I continue to find growth closer to my inner child.
My work has been shown at
The Millikan Art Gallery, Spartanburg, SC
The Wayne Art Center, Wayne, Pa.
The Main Line Art Center, Bryn Mawr, Pa
The Great Frame Up, Wayne, Pa
My work is in private collections across the country.
Thank you for visiting my gallery.
Alida M Haslett

**When not shooting photography or painting, I am a happy wife, mother, grandmother, pet owner, walker, gardener, maker and listener of music, love to cook, arrange flowers, and am fiercely competitive at backgammon-(or any other game or sport presented). Cheers

Alida M Haslett joined Licensing on February 2nd, 2015.