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Learn more about Alan Kepler from Citrus Heights, CA - United States.

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I love Photographing the natural landscape as well as a variety of other scenes in our world. I have been photographing for 14 years. I have witnessed the simple grandeur of creation and the miracles that surround us in the natural world. Many of my photographic images capture the magic of the wilderness, pure and simple. In fact, I never uses color filters to enhance the images or modify them to be more than what I witnessed at the moment the shutter was snapped.

My cameras of choice are the Canon 5D mark III, and a full spectrum converted Olympus OMD M5 Mark II. I also use a medium format Pentax 645Z digital.

When using photo editing software, it is important to express or interpret what was captured, in a creative yet naturalistic way.
Ansel Adams wrote 'Many consider my photographs to be in the 'realistic' category. Actually, what reality they have is in their optical-image accuracy, their values are definitely 'departures from reality.' The viewer may accept them as realistic because the visual effect may be plausible, but if it were possible to make direct visual comparison with the subjects, the differences would be startling. We know that musicianship is not merely rendering the notes accurately, but performing them with the appropriate sensitivity and imaginative communication. The performance of a piece of music, like the printing of a negative, may be of great variety and yet retain the essential concepts.' The Negative Print - Ansel Adams
Sometimes I post process adding textures or mild effects to enhance the power of the image.

Alan Kepler joined Licensing on May 13th, 2014.