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Learn more about Alan Bennington from Atlanta, GA - United States.

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Former award-winning advertising photographer. I now create logos, corporate identity systems & packaging design. I'm also involved in the art & craft of verbal identity...I create names for companies products & services...all for corporate or personal use. Additionally, I consult directly with clients about their brand/identity/domain name creation needs. Please visit where ready-made Dot Com domains & logos can be purchased. Additionally, I can create custom 'one of a kind' monograms for your letterhead & Ex Libris plates for your library books. My passion is creating designs that are memorable & sing with color.

The images presented here are done primarily in the Mandala or Rose Window art styles. They're made exclusively with Adobe Illustrator CS5 & CS6, a vector graphics program. These images are 'tack' sharp. Vector graphics can be scaled up or down, meaning they can be utilized at very small dimensions or in greatly enlarged proportions, all without any diminution of quality. The artwork/designs presented here really look their best at the largest possible print sizes...some subtlety of color and detail is lost at small sizes... the designs simply look their best when printed in larger sizes. I've created files to be printed at the most common sizes.

There is a tremendous array of varied talent displayed on this site is great to be associated with fellow artists that are passionate about their work ... I salute them all!

Please respect my copyrighted work, Alan Bennington/Identivos Copyright 2008 thru 2020
If you have questions, requests, or an interest in any design, I can custom edit the colors and/or backgrounds to a great degree this is one advantage of digital art. The Mandala monogram designs can be individually designed using one, two or three letter combinations. Email me ahead & I'll upload your unique design for print ordering.

I welcome and appreciate all comments and inquiries please email me with specific questions or requests about fine art, logo/identity creation, monograms or Ex Libris plates. Thank you for viewing my work.

Alan Bennington joined Licensing on August 12th, 2009.