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Learn more about Aimee Mouw from Amarillo, TX - United States.

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Life has taken me all across the United States and influenced my artwork both culturally and regionally from coast to coast. Growing up in the lush, pristine woods of Michigan, I was initially inspired by nature; but as I grew up and moved from place to place my artwork style and subject matter has changed and grown with me. I studied fine art, graphic design, photography and journalism at Grace College, in Winona Lake, IN, graduating in 1992 with a B.A in Graphic Design. As the wife of a Marine Helicopter Pilot and a mother of two boys, I have lived a rich life of adventure, self discovery and spiritual introspection that is reflected in much of my artwork.

Currently, I am a graduate student studying mental health counseling to become an LPC. I hope to use art in a therapeutic setting someday. Previously, starting in 2009, I had an art gallery and studio called, Musee d' Aimee - Gallery 106 at The Arts in the Sunset art mall in Amarillo, TX. Also, I had Galerie d' Aimee, Studio 100 in the Arts in the Sunset Art Mall in the Spring of 2019. You may have also seen my artwork as the restaurant decor of Willie's Bayou Grill, which was along I-40 in Amarillo, from August 2010-February 2013. My signature painting, Midnight Snack (Eat at Willie's), was an owner and patron favorite! I was also a member artist of The Panhandle Art Center Galleries in Amarillo from 2010-2019, and participated and ribboned in the annual Best of the Southwest Juried Art Shows. More recently, I had a public art studio at Las Tiendas de Amarillo Courtyard, situated along Old Route 66 from July 2019-June 2020 and I sold my artwork at Barnes Jewelry in Amarillo, TX.

Predominately, I work in acrylics; but also in oils, watercolor, pastels, photography and mixed media, covering a large range of subject matter - basically, whatever inspires me. I also make beaded natural stone and crystal jewelry and I enjoy Art and Bible Journaling. My painting style varies depending on the media, but I usually work in layered glazes and washes adding fine textures to the top layer. Most of my artwork is colorful, vivid and rhythmic. My ultimate goal is to convey the beauty of God's glory in creation to the world and inspire others to dream, to create, heal, and to appreciate the world around them. If you are interested in purchasing an ORIGINAL painting of mine, please contact me directly about whether the original picture has been sold, and about pricing and shipping. My contact info: or call/text (806) 220-3442. All artwork is protected by copyright and cannot be copied, saved or used in any way without permission from the artist. Grace and peace to you on your journey!

Aimee Mouw joined Licensing on March 2nd, 2012.