Shankar Adiseshan - Artist

About Shankar Adiseshan

Learn more about Shankar Adiseshan from Mississauga, ON - Canada.

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My work is largely an abstracted experience, more dream like or interpretive, often focused on environmental or social narratives. Through use of abstraction as a focus on the norm, available and recognizable experiences, I see a way to tap in and distill the range of emotional experiences. By doing so, I urge viewers to consider a new perspective.

Philosophy: Photography is a visual interpretation of experiences, using features unique to the medium.

Theme & Style: Interpretive and metaphorical, often focused on environment, urban and social narratives. I strive to create emotive work that encourages the viewer to consider a new perspective.

Medium & Technique: I work with medium format, 35mm format (film and digital) and Polaroid day lab, in color and black and white.

Influences: My work is influenced by abstract art and impressionism, books and social commentaries.

Shankar Adiseshan joined Licensing on May 13th, 2007.