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Learn more about Andrew George Photography from PRESCOT, MERSEYSIDE - United Kingdom.

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My Name is Andrew WhiteI am a Landscape Photographer who is based in Merseyside, North West England. Photography has been my passion for over 4 years and for me there is nothing better than exploring a new landscape with my camera.

My inspiration comes from my desire to document the places that I have been and capture certain moments of life. I don't have many photographs from when I was younger but the ones I do have are special. I wanted to make sure that my children had memories to look back on in years to come and this is what kick-started my photography.

The first camera that I bought was a second hand Fuji Finepix S8600 Bridge camera in 2015 and prior to this I used my phone, then I progressed on to a Canon 100D and now I shoot with my Olympus EM1 MKii using 2 Olympus Lenses and 1 from Panasonic. I also use Nisi ND filters.

When I am not behind the camera, my full-time job is an HGV driver which I also really enjoy as I love to travel and see new places.A few places that I have photographed are because I've discovered them while driving up and down the country.

My goal for photography is to inspire others with my images and create meaningful artwork for you to hang on your wall. Hopefully, when you look at my picture displayed in your home, office etc, it will bring back fond memories or just make you smile and think maybe I will visit there one day or just simply look at it and say 'mmmmm, that's beautiful'.

Andrew George Photography joined Licensing on January 28th, 2017.