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Learn more about Tracy Bell from Summerisde, PE - Canada.

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I just started photography in 2016, and am self taught, and I am learning something new each and every day.

I got into photography because I was an artist who painted wildlife and pet portraits capturing the details of every fine line, shadow and light. I wanted to get away from that and capture the source of what I was painting.

And here I am, capturing the wildlife available on the island that I live on, Prince Edward Island, Canada. I will stay put for hours just waiting for a good shot to capture what I am after for that day. When I get a chance I go to the main land. Some of the photos I have are from zoo's as well.

I truly love photography, it takes me into a world where it is just me and the wildlife and the freedom that I feel releases all the day to day stress.

Please feel free to browse my photos, any and all comments are very much appreciated whether it is a good review or bad. This is how I learn from feedback. Thank you.

Tracy Bell

Tracy Bell joined Licensing on February 22nd, 2017.