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Learn more about Terry Walsh from Plano, TX - United States.

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'God is the artist. Photographers make copies to share His art.'

Why am I a photographer? I can't NOT be.

My photography journey began with a camera my brother gave me on my 8th grade graduation. What started as a hobby became a passion, rivaled only by my lifelong love of music. Music can magically transport a listener anywhere- real or imagined. I try to capture that same feeling through photography and take the viewer on a visual journey.

Abstract Photography has evolved into my favorite creative arena. Abstracts are the pictures hidden in our everyday surroundings. From an ocean wave in a flower vase to a distant galaxy reflected in a Christmas ornament. The possibilities are endless.

Most of my photos are titled after favorite songs or albums to acknowledge the musicians who created them. I hope my images convey my passion for photography and music to the viewer.

Terry Walsh Dallas, Texas USA

Terry Walsh joined Pixels.com Licensing on June 20th, 2018.