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Hi, I'm Diane, I enjoy creative pursuits of many flavors! At present tissue paper is my first love, my go to medium. I also enjoy spending time and creative energy with watercolor, colored pencil and photography. I think they all compliment, encourage and challenge my creative side.

Creating collage with tissue paper is exciting to me because it has so many colors and rich textures to offer. It is both delicate and unique as a material that is used to create art and it's very well suited to breathe life into art that caters to the young members of the human race.

Bring magic and bring playful discourse to their eyes and imaginations. Give them thoughts of wonder and joy, this is what my art is about.

My art belongs in the kingdom of childhood where make believe breathes fire and magic slays the dragon.

My purpose is to create art that sounds the mighty trumpet as it celebrates the age and spirit of childhood.

Bring forth those warm, carefree summer days where courage and a strong rope is there for swinging out over the lake. Laughing, they land with a huge splash into refreshingly cool water. Life then is as sweet and fresh as a good 'ol freshly picked ear of corn on the cob.

It's my opinion that art is much more interesting and artful when it sheds some of it's realism. Artistic endeavors should grow from the heart and soul of the creator. The value of creating, is letting our imaginations take flight and create something that was not there before, something different.

For me, part of the allure of being an artist is the experience I get as I move through my journey of creating. My initial ideas and sketches rarely match the final piece, this is part of the magic. I'm happy to journey through the process and find unexpected at the end, it's like being given a gift.

My influences and inspirations are as varied as night and day. I greatly admire artists, like Matisse and Van Gogh who banished realism and brought color and imagery to new heights. Color is my favorite art element, perhaps that's why Autumn is my favorite season!

From my mind to the canvas, my journey as an artist always calms my spirit. It's uplifting, unpredictable and rewarding.

Please enjoy my artwork, stay to visit and experience my artistic adventures of all flavors!

Diane Miller / Artist / Young at Artworks

Diane Miller joined Pixels.com Licensing on December 18th, 2012.