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Prophetic art is a creation which reveals God the Father’s heart, His thoughts & intents. The form, line, texture, color, symbols enter the senses through the human eye & move or inspire the human spirit. In the Bible, Psalm 42:7 David the psalmist wrote “Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls...” I like to think of this as the deep love of God’s heart calling to the deep issues of the human heart in the form of artistic expression.

My creations come from images I see in my mind. My passion as a woman of faith is to see minds & bodies healed & restored. It is the deep love that God has for humanity that compels me to create! I believe that God speaks a special message individually to the viewer of art. To one, He says one thing, and to another, He speaks a different word. He knows us all individually and it is to this end that I create His images in spite of my own significant vision loss.

I was born with a significant vision loss but grew up hearing that I could be whatever I wanted to be! I found my niche in singing, not art. I am a graduate of Willamette University with a degree in Music Therapy and I spent most of my career working with Developmentally Disabled and the mentally ill.

In 2004 my life took a major turn as I met someone whose friendship over the years has profoundly changed my life. Curiosity, technology and my friend's encouragement gave me a reason to pursue this treasure. I so thoroughly enjoyed this adventure and before long I was selling my card creations to my friends & co-workers! Now I am retired and am able to take the time I need to learn & grow in my abilities and business savvy.

I love digital creating, photography and pastels! I use magnifiers on my computer & I chalk with my fingers most of the time!

Thank you for visiting my site! It is an honor to share my creations with you. It is my hope & prayer that in some way, you will be touched by what you see!

Terri Johnson joined Pixels.com Licensing on April 19th, 2012.