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Learn more about Karen Jordan from Rome, GA - United States.

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Hi, I am Karen Walker McAlister Jordan. My 6 most important peeps call me YaYa.

I started taking art lessons from Siri Selle in 2011. Then I wanted to learn oil so I began with Frank Murphy, of Frank Murphy Fine Art, and have been studying with him for about 10 years, he is now teaching me how to do portraits. In the last year during the pandemic, I have been learning about watercolor with Jean Haines, virtually. I love her watercolors and love trying to do it myself.... not easy.... I also have studied with Suzanne Royal, JoAnn Williams Walker, Nancy Franke, Gina Brown, Ann Blair Brown, Guido Frick, Laura Lansford and Jim Richards and Dreama Perry. I feel I have had great talent helping me along.

I love impressionism. It is my favorite. I love bold color and fun images. I love to take normal and expand it into fun. I love seeing the light, painting the light and being the light of God in this world. The light is what inspires me to paint. If I manage to get the light on my canvas for you to see, I feel successful.

I also am an avid Bible Student. I love God's Word and sharing it with others. I feel it is my real calling. To learn, teach, and share what God teaches me every day.

I have 3 grown children, 6 wonderful grandchildren, 3 awesome in law children, and 2 children by choice.

I hope that you will watch my website, share your thoughts and watch me progress. Thank you for even being interested enough to read this.

Love to you, Karen

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