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About J Travis Duncan

Learn more about J Travis Duncan from Evans, GA - United States.

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Native to Evans, Georgia, visual artist J. Travis Duncan is creating artwork that is an amalgamation of the shocking colors of the Fauvists and the loose brushwork of the Impressionists with his own styling. Tracing his artistic family tree from Derain, Matisse, Gauguin, Sisley, Monet, and Vlaminck, he encapsulates the changing moments of life and nature through a cacophony of color and an array of motion. His analog work is manifested through brush and knife.

A lifelong lover of the arts, J. Travis began drawing and painting at his earliest memory. His fondness of art would meander through the works of the masters of the various art movements to the detailed pages of various comic book and graphic novel illustrators. Outside of painting and illustrating, he is a lover of photography and iPhoneography.

You can find his online portfolio at www.jtravisduncan.com

J Travis Duncan joined Pixels.com Licensing on December 11th, 2013.