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Learn more about Daniel Gomez from Bogot, CUNDINAMARCA - Colombia.

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' In the field of Photography I create images so those moments are not lost in time,
… .like tears in the rain ' - Daniel Gomez / Rutger Hauer

' En el campo de la fotografia yo créo imágenes para que esos momentos no se pierdan en el tiempo,
….como lágrimas en la lluvia ' - Daniel Gomez - Rutger Hauer

Photographer and Painter located in Bogota, Colombia. South America.

My inspiration varies from day to day.
I cover a wide range of subjects. I have been taking photos of everything that comes along.
People is and will always be the subject
of my inspiration.
Some of my photographs became artworks that evolve with creative post processing and editing work.
In many cases my photographs and paintings do reflect my own inner self.

I feel honored to be able to communicate with people through my creations.

'We do not remember days; we remember moments' ~ Cesare Pavese
“I can look at a fine art photograph and sometimes I can hear music.”
Ansel Adams

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