Bob Hall - Artist

About Bob Hall

Learn more about Bob Hall from East Tennessee - United States.

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Bob took up oil painting as a high school student. But, sometime later, while still in high school, he switched from oils to acrylics, why you may ask. Because Bob's 'art studio' was Bob's bedroom. And, the smells of the oil paints and linseed oil permeating the house were a little annoying to the rest of the family. But, to this day, if painting, Bob still paints in acrylics.

Also, Bob works in pastels on occasions. Bob took up pastel painting while in high school, besides acrylic painting.

Later in life, around 2007, Bob discovered he had a trigger finger for the camera. Since that time, Bob has spent more time with his trigger finger than with the paintbrush and canvas, although he still enjoys painting. Both his art and photography speak primarily of his interest in rural scenes.

Bob also enjoys writing storylines of his 'Redneck Light Entertainment' series, incorporating his photos as backdrops for his short stories.

Bob Hall joined Licensing on March 14th, 2020.