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Learn more about Ayiiboo from MONTRÉAL , Quebec - Canada.

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Wouldn't it be great if visual art was sold like any other decorative or collection item? If you've tried to sell art, you know it does not happen. Selling art requires effort and skill. Everything is explained in L'art de vivre de son art, from the presentation to the creation of a convincing dialogue, until the conclusion of the sale. Whether you are a gallery owner trying to sell the work of others, or an artist working to sell your own art you will have concrete, step by step instructions, and this will help you exploit and develop the seller inside. As with any other skill, you can increase the success of your sales by taking a systematic and consistent approach.
Roger Dartiguenave, publisher of fineartAyiti.blog since 2017, has been active on the art market for over 8 years, collector of works of art by renowned visual artists since 2010.
Emerging artists benefit from his business experience and his expertise in marketing, sales and customer service. Roger launched and managed during his career companies in various sectors, tourism and industrial Ma Reine on vacation Bed n Breakfast, Multi-tech Lighting in Montreal, Immobilières La Mulata in Puerto Plata, Groupe Reconstruction agency in Port- to the Prince
- His focus being the strategic use of digital tools evolving at breakneck speed, radically transforming the art industry.
He advises emerging artists providing them with practical solutions to navigate the complexity of the art trade. They use his network to make themselves known and appreciated. Its message is particularly intended for artists already known and recognized by their peers who wish to access the global art market.

Ayiiboo joined Pixels.com Licensing on December 19th, 2017.