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About Nessa Makara

Learn more about Nessa Makara from Grants Pass, or - United States.

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'live to die for love!
As an artist I aspire to inspire desire with passion to empower others to follow there dreams and express there true essence.
I am a variety artist who loves to use colors, symbols, geometry, numbers, words, elements, earth and divine energy in my creations.
I enjoy cultures, history, sports, simple pleasures, adventures, traveling, animals, knowledge, astrology, enlightenment, nature, spirituality, music, dance, family and friends. I believe Love is the answer to ALL. I use many mediums and ways of expressing emotion through art. I like using upcycled materials and recreating old in to new. I enjoy using natural items from trees , flowers, plants, etc. or old scraps or pieces of recycled things. Unity, love, and light is my vision for the future and hope to scatter joy and happiness through my art. I am a seeker of truth and knowledge. Enjoy learning from others and teaching what I have learned.

Nessa Makara joined Licensing on December 7th, 2020.