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Learn more about Neli Stoyanova from ATLANTA, GA - United States.

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I made Atlanta, GA my home after spending years living in Eastern Europe, France, South Africa, and the Middle East. My volunteer work as a physician took me in remote areas in Haiti, war zones in Iraq, and I have witnessed events that had a profound effect on me as a person. Art has always been an integral part of my way of coping with sadness and anxiety. Painting is my way of winning. Avid dancer and Zumba fan, I translate my passion for rhythm and dance into colorful abstracts that convey movement, and vibrant positive energy. One customer told me that my art made him feel good. Actually he called it make-feel-good-art. This was all I have ever wanted to hear. I hope that browsing my gallery will make you feel good!

My images have been licensed for use on greeting cards, posters, art prints, and gift wear that are sold worldwide. My art is in private collections and public spaces across North America, Europe and South Africa.

*Copyright 2018-2021 Neli Stoyanova. All artworks are originals by the artist and as such are protected by US and international copyright laws; all rights reserved. No image contained herein may be copied, published, reproduced in any fashion, or used on the internet without express written permission.

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Neli Stoyanova joined Licensing on November 21st, 2018.