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Learn more about Monty Wright from DeFuniak Springs, Florida - United States.

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My earliest memories are from my early childhood where I was drawn to art by a series of storybooks and each one contained pictures that someone had drawn. When I looked at them I knew that I wanted to do that one day and even before I picked up a pencil and tried I knew I could do it.
I was drawn to Nature in those early years. All it took was a little patience to stop and closely observe… I've always been fascinated with the intricate beauty of nature. As a child, while other kids were playing , I was busy exploring the woods and looking under rocks, the footprint of some wild creature or the animal itself would catch my eye… and hold it for awhile...
I have enjoyed drawing in pencil since childhood and although I have moved onto using other media, I still love the intensity of working with graphite.
Drawing and painting taught me anything I wanted to learn or take me anywhere I wanted to go and I headed down my own artistic path, eventually focusing on wildlife art.
Although I didn't have formal art education, dabbling in many forms of art, I found my calling in realistic and detailed drawings and paintings of the natural world where I learned the concepts of composition, lighting and technique.
Being more focused on the visual aspects, I try to come up with ideas that conveys a feeling that tells a story and whatever the subject, I want to create a story and a feast for the eyes.
Animals are amazing, so for me in a wildlife drawing or painting, the animal has to have life and seem real. In order to achieve the realism I am looking for in my work, that feeling of being able to reach out and touch it has to be there.
To look into a setting sun, or when the light is fading and the first Star appears and I would find out later that it was a planet, or my fascination with the Moon through a telescope, or watching it rise and set over the edge of the horizon. This passion would inspire many future paintings. I strive to create magical moments in nature where attributes such as composition, lighting, color and animal expression come together in perfect harmony. I want to show the viewer something dynamic and spectacular they wouldn't normally get to see, from the vibrant colors of the landscapes to the curiousity of a pack of howling wolves.
All these moments, to observe and to compose them, to capture them and to inscribe them in my memory, this is what drew me to the Discipline of Art.
This is why I paint. Nature is to be Respected.. . Nature is enduring.. . and Nature, in whatever form - will be - long after the works of Man have gone.
This artist's paintings throughout the years has not been limited to any one subject or medium with hopes of demonstrating a great flexibility and technical versatility. After dabbling in many mediums until settling in on the ones that felt right I would go on to discover the airbrush and later the computer which opened up whole new worlds for me.
But that's another story....

Monty Wright joined Licensing on August 26th, 2016.