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Learn more about Megan Howard from Chicago, IL - United States.

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Please visit my website at to see a more complete profile of my work.

Art has always been my preferred method of expressing myself, and I feel that the act of being creative is physically and mentally healing. My artwork strides to visually express the pain, and release the emotions, related to living with a chronic illness known as Behcet's Disease, which causes a host of secondary conditions. Additionally, I use art as a distraction from living with multiple serious health conditions, and as a cathartic and meditating experience.

I have suffered a great deal of pain and hardship, yet have developed a deep appreciation and gratitude for life. While we cannot always control what happens to us in life, we are in charge of how we respond, and what type of attitude we put forth. In this spirit, I try to keep a positive and hopeful attitude.

To read more of my story, Please check out the below, published news articles about my disease, and how I use art to cope and raise awareness:

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Megan Howard joined Licensing on February 7th, 2016.